Aeroplane Monthly 1983-12
I.Frimston - Hendon's Ninack
The view at top shows the uncovered fuselage during restoration. The badly decayed original side panel can be seen propped up on the floor. At bottom, the addition of the covered fin and rudder makes the structure look more like a Ninack.
Restoration completed, F1010 stands in the new building at Hendon as an evocative memorial to the first gallant RAF bomber crews.
The view shows the main petrol tank and cabane structure. Note the “Westland Aircraft Works” transfer on the starboard aft strut.
The Scarff ring gun mounting and aft decking structure can be seen left; before the decking was added the forward and aft fuselage sections had to be mated, right.
The fuselage nears completion.
The accuracy of F1010’s new wings was checked by rigging them to the untouched fuselage.
The 400 h.p. 12-cylinder Liberty engine was obtained from the USA.
The detail view shows the nonstandard tailplane bracing strut.
E9703 was a Mann Egerton-built D.H.9A; compare it with F1010 and note the different exhaust and strutless tailplane.
Final types produced by Mann Egerton were the D.H.9A (E9703 shown) and D.H.10. They were finished in battleship grey on plywood surfaces and fabric was doped dark brown to Scheme AMA
The instrument panel.