Aeroplane Monthly 1983-12
L.Coombs - Cockpits of the RAF (3)
OUR VISITOR FROM NEPAL: Gen. Bahadur Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana, of Nepal, inspects a Bristol "Bulldog" at Croydon.
How to sell a Bulldog to Nepal. Note the instrument panel set fairly deep under the decking, beneath the well-padded coaming.
The in non-RAF single-seat central cockpit of the Boulton & Paul Atlantic of 1919.
The cockpit of a Fairey Gordon in 1937.
The capacious cabin of a troop-carrying Vickers Victoria held 23 passengers behind a crew of two, whose cockpit was open to the sky. Two clocks and an ETA placard added to the troops’ comfort and enjoyment.
Hawker Tomtit J9777 with pupil under the “hood", and instructor peeping mischievously from beneath the wing.
Avro 504N K1963 of the CFS on blind solo.