Aeroplane Monthly 1983-12
J.Read - Fledgling (2)
A trio of 9 FTS Hawker Audaxes taking off from RAF Hullavington in April 1940.
16 Sqn Audaxes during exercises near Old Sarum in September 1934.
The 'Art with the 'ook, the Jack-of-all-trades and mainstay of the Army Co-operation units during the mid-Thirties. The Audax could be distinguished externally from the Hart by its message-collecting hook and long exhausts.
Flt Lt “George” Bulman flying Hawker Audax K2012 from Brooklands in June 1932.
The author flying an Audax from Old Sarum.
Hawker Hart (Audax ???) instructors and pupils at 3 FTS, South Cerney, April 1938.
The Vickers Virginia, after tipping up on its nose during an engine run at Tern Hill. Damage was slight and the aircraft was soon repaired and flown away.