Aeroplane Monthly 1983-11
J.Read - Fledgling (1)
What the best dressed Hart crews were wearing in 1938. This photograph was taken in May 1938 at South Cerney, home of 3 FTS.
Three Hawker Audaxes of 16 Sqn up from Old Sarum in September 1934.
The author’s snapshot of RAF Tern Hill taken from either a Hart or an Audax. Flying training from Tern Hill began in February 1936 and was to continue there right up to 1976.
The author stands by Hawker Audax K7314 at RAF Tern Hill. This aircraft first flew with the Station Flight before duties with 8 FTS. K7314 was eventually sold to the South African Air Force on October 22, 1940. Audaxes in use as advanced trainers were fitted with de-rated Rolls-Royce Kestrel X engines.
Tiger Moth G-ACDB of the de Havilland School of Flying, complete with blind flying hood, in the late Thirties.
The author in a de Havilland School of Flying Tiger Moth at White Waltham.
An aerial photograph of White Waltham taken in January 1936. Amongst the de Havilland School of Flying Tigers visible is G-ADLX, nearest the hangar, in which the author made his first solo flights.