Aeroplane Monthly 1983-11
??? - Sea boots
In 1943 Douglas produced the sole XC-47C, 42-5671, a C-47 fitted with Edo amphibious type floats. The floats had nose wheels in addition to wheels under the steps, and each housed a 300gal fuel tank.
An experimental twin-float D.H.4 seaplane used for coastal patrol work during World War One.
Beech B-17L G-ADLE was fitted with floats for a flight from New York to Heston via Siberia made in October 1935. It is seen here at San Francisco in September 1935.
This D.H. 80A Puss Moth was temporarily fitted with floats in 1930 and then flown from the Wesh Harp at Hendon to Stockholm and back during September. The pilot, Col the Master of Sempill, later took G-AAVB on a tour around the entire British coast.
D.H.104 Dove CF-DJH, the 15th production aircraft, was the only Dove to be flown with a twin float undercarriage. It is seen here at Toronto in 1947.
The only Proctor 6 was sold to the Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada as CF-EHF and was photographed flying over Kent during a test flight in June 1946.
One of the two Auster T.7s, WE600, fitted with floats and used on the Trans Antarctic Expedition in 1956, at Husvik Harbour, South Georgia.
Spitfire floatplane EP754 was originally a Mk Vb, converted by Folland Aircraft at Hamble. EP754 is seen here on Great Bitter Lake, Egypt, in 1943.
The third of the Spitfire VB floatplane conversions in the Middle East in early 1944