Aeroplane Monthly 1983-11
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Spad 27 F-CMAY with four-blade propeller.
LIEUT. JEAN CASALE, THE PILOT OF "SPAD27": This French Ace, during the War brought down 12 machines, gaining the Legion d'Honneur, Medaille Militaire (nine palms), and D.S.O. Lieut. Casale has recently put up three fine records, viz.: height, 9,520 metres (solo); height, 7,300 metres (two passengers); and speed, 288 k.p.h.
Bleriot Spad 27 F-CMAY at Hounslow early in 1920. The minute fin is clearly visible as is the tiny cabin door.
The nose, undercarriage and cabin area of the Bleriot Spad 56/1 before the addition of extra windows.
Cie. Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aerienne's silver-painted Bleriot Spad 33, F-FREE or F-FREF, at Le Bourget.
F-ADAR was almost certainly the prototype Bleriot Spad 50. No construction number has been traced for this aeroplane and it may have been a converted Spad 33.
A RECORD-BREAKER: The Spad 56 on which Casale has recently established world's altitude records. The machine is fitted with a Bristol "Jupiter" engine, manufactured in France by the Gnome and Rhone Co.
The prototype Bleriot Spad 56, with Gnome-Rhone Jupiter engine.
F-CMAZ, the prototype Bleriot Spad 33, seen with intermediate-type fin. The awkwardly-positioned cabin door can be seen open.
CIDNA’s Bleriot Spad F-FRER at Dubendorf Airport, Zurich.
CIDNA’s Bleriot Spad 56 F-AIEP was originally built as a Spad 56/3 and is seen here as a 56/5 incorporating 56/4 improvements with forward cockpit and improved passenger accommodation.
The first production Spad 33, F-ACMA. In this view it is seen with the final form of fin and rudder. The cabin windows differ from those of the prototype and other production examples.
The Bleriot Spad 46 F-FRER was a Spad 33 conversion.
Looking aft in the passenger cabin of a Bleriot Spad 56/4.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting of a Cie. Franco-Roumaine de Navigation Aerienne Bleriot Spad 46 F-AEGF.