Air International 1993-02
P.Butowski - VVA-14 A Russian Enigma
The extraordinary Bartini VVA-14 prototype on one of its test flights in late-1972. Although designed to take four main engines and 12 lift jets, the craft is believed to have only ever flown using the two power plants shown located on the rear fuselage.
Test pilot Yuriy Kupriyanov and his co-pilot entering the cockpit of the VVA-14 for the first flight on September 4, 1972. The wheeled undercarriage was a last-minute addition due to the unavailability of the Koliesov lift engines. Under the outrigger ‘pods’ are retractable floats.
Wreck of a VVA-14 at Beriev’s Taganrog facility. This vehicle differs from the Monino example in having different shaped floats and no side-mounted engines. The large fairing above the fuselage presumably covered the intakes for the lift engines.
The Monino example of a VVA-14
Side-view of the VVA-14 at Taganrog showing the location of the now dismantled outer wing, a forward access door in the starboard fairing and the long cover on the top of the fuselage.