Air International 1993-02
B.Wheeler - SAAB 2000 An exercise in growth and commonality
Making its Farnborough debut in 1992 alongside Saab 340B SE-C12, the Saab 2000 had first appeared publicly earlier in the year at Berlin, albeit briefly.
With its swept tail, low wing and slim fuselage, Saab’s latest family member, the 2000, cuts an attractive image in the air as shown in this view of the third prototype SE-003. The type is scheduled to enter service with Crossair in September.
To reduce interior noise, Saab selected slow turning, six bladed Dowty propellers for the 2000 and sited them at twice the distance from the fuselage sides as those on the 340.
Indicative of the support given to the new aircraft by Crossair, the first prototype 2000 received the airline’s livery on the port side with the company scheme on the starboard side.
Выполненное согласно концепции "стеклянной кабины", приборное оборудование Saab 2000 на основе комплекта Rockwell-Collins Pro Line 4 на момент первого полета самолета в марте 1992 года являлось просто революционным.
More like a widebodied airliner than a regional aircraft, the Saab 2000 flight deck is impressively designed with the Collins six-CRT Pro Line 4 dominating the facia.
Cabin layout is similar to that of the 340, but the overhead luggage bins have been enlarged and new legislation means that the seats now have to withstand a 16g impact instead of the previous 9g.
Air Marshall Islands was the first customer in the Asia/Pacific region for the new aircraft
Influential AMR Eagle has announced its intention to order a total of 50.
SAAB 2000
General arrangement drawing of the Saab 2000. The main illustration shows the aircraft in its standard form with three-abreast seating for 50 passengers. Crossair aircraft will have an additional window in the starboard side where the toilet is situated in order that those using this facility will still be able to see the 'magnificent views over Switzerland’, according to the airline’s Chairman Moritz Suter.