Air International 1993-03
Flying colours
New unit insignia applied to a MiG-21 of No 1 Sqn, Croatian Air Force. In addition to the black knight with the national shield, the aircraft carries the inscription ‘Avenger of Dubrovnik’ together with the town badge below the cockpit.
Royal Navy Sea Harrier FRS.I ZD678 wearing special markings in honour of the 50th anniversary of 899 Naval Air Squadron held on December 15, 1992.
Fiat CR.42 Falco of 1./4 Sqn, 1./II Group, Royal Hungarian Air Force, 1941, in three-colour disruptive camouflage. The scrap view shows an alternative style of camouflage with a narrow yellow Eastern Front theatre band.
CR.42 of 1./3 Sqn, 1./11 Group with the Hungarian Fast Corps in late-1941.
CR.42 of 4eme Esc IIeme Group de Chasse of the Belgian Aeronautique Militare based at Nivelles in May 1940. Unit insignia appears forward of the roundel while the camouflage appears to be of Italian origin.
Luftwaffe-operated CR.42LW of 2. Staffel, NSGr 9 based in the Rimini area in early-1944. The spats have been modified to prevent mud clogging the wheels.
Right: CR.42AS of the Sezione Autonoma Collegamenti, Aeronautica Militare Italians, flying from Rome-Centocelle in 1945-46.
In Swedish serviceable CR.42 was designated J 11 and this example served with 3 Division of Flygflottilj 9 at Save Gothenburg in late-1942.
Italian post-war finish on a CR.42 trainer with Z-1 (1° Zona Territoriale) coding.