Air International 1993-03
A.Walg - Curtain over Cambodia
Two of the Russian UN contingent allocated to Cambodia in late-1992. Shown is Mil Mi-26 CCCP-06029 about to depart from Phnom Penh
During Cambodia's Lon Nol period, this MiG-17 ‘Fresco’ was flown to Pleiku air base in South Vietnam for evaluation by US and Vietnamese pilots. It survived for only a short period, being destroyed in a Viet Cong mortar attack on April 24, 1970.
MiG-21bis fighters operated during the Vietnamese occupation and carrying the ‘Heng Samrin’ marking of a five-tower temple on the centre of a yellow-outlined red disc.
Close-up of one of the MiG-21bis ‘Fishbed N’ fighters awaiting dismantling at Pochentong in June 1992.
Permanently grounded, five of the 22 MiG-21s handed over to the Indian contingent of the UN authorities await their fate at Phnom Penh airfield in June 1992. Three trainer versions were included and all are believed to have been broken up.
Surrounded by MS 500 Criquets and an S-55 helicopter (on the left) is one of the two Cessna 180 light aircraft purchased in 1954.
Cambodian government Tu-134 XU-102, one of two used for flights to Bangkok and Saigon following the UN arrival in Cambodia.
Towards the end of their period of service, the squadron of MiG-21s became virtually non-operational with only two actually managing to fly and then only once a week for a short period. This trainer was later broken up.
Two of the Russian UN contingent allocated to Cambodia in late-1992. Shown is Mi-17 CCCP-70914, still equipped with nose armour and flare dispensers.
The only known picture of a Khmer Rouge Air Force aircraft is this MiG-19/F-6 ‘Farmer’ being towed past a Red Cross-bedecked Transall just after the Vietnamese invasion. Markings consisted of a yellow three-tower Angkor temple symbol on a red rectangle.
В военных действиях во Вьетнаме AU-24 применялись в ходе спецопераций ЦРУ США.
Fitted with underwing weapon racks, a Helio AU-24 Stallion is refuelled on a Kampuchean airfield sometime during the mid-1970s.
This AU-24 Stallion still survives in the Phnom Penh Boun Kak park together with a derelict UH-1 Iroquois. Markings from the Heng Samrin period can still be seen on the fin and under the wings.
For transport duties around the country, the Dutch contributed three Fokker F27 Troopships, C-4, C-6 and C-11.
‘Armee de I’Air’ Transalls painted in the white UN scheme enabled heavy cargo and vehicles to be deployed quickly around Cambodia.
Two of the Morane Saulnier MS 733 Alcyon trainers which served with the Cambodian Air Force from the mid-1950s.
One of the four US-designed and Japanese manufactured Fletcher FD-25A Defender light attack and trainer aircraft. Built in both single and two-seat configuration, the type was not a success.