Air International 1996-07
A.Pelletier - Dassault Mirage IV
Boeing C-135FR Stratotankers, equipped with FRL Mk 32B underwing pods, provided in-flight refuelling support to extend the range of the Mirage IVP fleet. Mirage IVP No 31 ‘BD’ is seen refuelling from the port hose of a C-135FR whilst a Mirage 2000N refuels from the starboard side.
Mirage IVP No 31 ‘BD’ of Escadron de Bombardment 1/91 Gascogne, resplendent in special markings to celebrate the 30th anniversary of France’s strategic nuclear forces in October 1994.
Mirage IVP No 49 ‘BV’ armed with the ASMP medium-range nuclear missile and carrying a Thomson-CSF Barracuda ECM pod under the port wing. Hardly discernible is the Matra-BOZ 103 chaff/flare dispenser under the starboard wing.
Mirage IVA rocket assisted take-off
Known as the 'Faux-proto’ (false prototype) Mirage IVA No 8 ‘AG’ was involved in the IVP development programme and made its second maiden flight in October 1982. It was photographed at Bretigny a few weeks prior to being modified.
Mirage IVP No 62 ‘CI’ was the last production aircraft built. It is seen taxiing at Cambrai in May 1993 carrying two 2,500 lit auxiliary fuel tanks. Carriage of external tanks restricts the aircraft to subsonic flight.