Air International 2001-07
P.Butowski - Kamov's Hokum trinity /Military/
Hokum Night-Attack Variants
A pair of Hokums from the Torzhok combat training centre. While operating alongside the Mi-24 in Chechnya, the Ka-50 showed its superiority in performance at altitude, manoeuvrability and weapons capability.
Ka-50Sh ‘018’ equipped with a chin-mounted Samsheet ball turret below the Shkval electro-optical target-tracking system.
A Ka-50 launching a Vikhr anti-tank missile. The missile has an effective range of up to 4.3nm.
Cockpit of Ka-50Sh ‘018’ adapted for night-vision goggles. Note the Abris digital chart display (partly covered by the control column).
ONV-1 night-vision goggles were tested on the Hokum in June/July 1999.
This Kamov Ka-52K was offered to South Korean in response to its requirement for a combat helicopter. Note the two FLIR turrets under the nose.
As can be seen from the designation on the fin, the Ka-52 prototype was re-named Ka-50-2. This reflected the change in configuration from side-by-side seating to tandem seating - to satisfy the Turkish requirement.
First production Ka-52 two-seater under construction at Arsenyev.