Aeroplane Monthly 1984-03
J.Golley - The day of the Typhoon (1)
Armourers at work on a 245 Squadron Typhoon at the B.5 strip while other Typhoons take off for another sortie, July 1944.
Тревога! "Тайфун" готовится подняться на перехват V-1
A 183 Squadron Typhoon pilot scrambles to his aircraft, Normandy, July 1944.
Cleaning the cannons and rearming a 245 Squadron Typhoon for the next show, West Hampnett, November 1943.
Gyppo and Nobby, the author's groundcrew, armed with a wad and cups of char, take a natural break during gun cleaning. The legend Northern Rhodesia Squadron above the exhaust stubs identifies the Typhoon as a 245 Squadron aircraft.