Aeroplane Monthly 1984-03
S.Howe - MAM into eighties
Having spent several years outside at the mercy of the English climate. Mosquito Mk 35 TA634 is now under cover in the new hangar.
The very first Mosquito, W4050, designed and built at Salisbury Hall in 1940. It was taken to nearby Hatfield by road where it made its first flight on November 25, piloted by Geoffrey de Havilland Jr. The MAM is still trying to complete their records on this aircraft and would like to hear from any pilots who flew W4050. Someone, somewhere, may be sitting on the aircraft's logbook, and obviously this would be invaluable for filling in gaps in the Mosquito's history.
Tiger Moth G-ANRX under restoration in the MAM workshops where it will be rebuilt as a crop sprayer.
The fuselage of Mosquito FB.VI TA122 awaits mating to the icing of Mosquito TR.33 TW233, recovered from Israel in 1980, and in much need of restoration. TA122 flew with Nos 605 and 4 Squadrons.
Salisbury Hall and the MAM as seen from the cockpit of Mosquito T.III RR299 in July 1983. The Museum is helping to keep this aircraft airworthy through the donation and swapping of spares.
BE.2e A1325 arrived at Salisbury Hall from Norway on February 21, 1983. When restored this aircraft will be painted to represent a B.E.2e of the Norwegian Army Air Service.