Aeroplane Monthly 1984-03
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Latecoere 14 F-ESDF on show on the CGEA stand at the first Spanish Aeronautical Exhibition in Barcelona in 1925. The biplane on the right is CGEA's Farman F.70 F-AFFP.
Latecoere 17 F-AIEI in its original form.
Late 17, construction number 608, after being converted to Late 17.3.R with reduced wing area - the chord having been reduced between the ailerons.
The Late 17.3.J F-AIHF with 380 h.p. Gnome-Rhone Jupiter 9Aa.
Этот самолет с регистрацией F-AISB - модификация Latecoere 25-5, имевшая гладкую обшивку носовой части фюзеляжа. Несколько Latecoere 25 получили, как и эта машина, предкрылки типа Handley Page.
This Late 25.3.R is seen at Cricklewood after being fitted with Handley Page automatic slots. It was registered as a Late 25.3.R and had that version's divided undercarriage but on the fin is designated Latecoere 25 R2.
The last aircraft to fly out of Cricklewood, it first had to be manhandled over a fence, just visible in the background, erected by the local authorities to prevent aircraft from using the aerodrome.
Late 25.2.R F-AIKP which was used by Aeroposta Argentina under French registration and later taken over by Air France.
Late 25 F-AIEH being run up at Bahia Blanca before leaving for Rio Gallegos.
F-AJJP, the only Late 25.5. This had smooth sheet skinning of the centre fuselage and completely redesigned fin and rudder. The engine was a 500 h.p. Renault 12Jb.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting features the Late 25.3.R
Line-up of Latecoere monoplanes at Toulouse. In the foreground, with curved fin and rudder, is the Late 26.6/2 F-AJIJ. Beyond are seven Late 26.6s and 26.2.Rs.
Этот Latecoere 26 был первым самолетом компании "Aeropostale", доставившим почту в Южную Америку.
The Late 26.6 F-AJDK after being taken over by Air France.