Aeroplane Monthly 1984-11
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
THE "ZEPPELIN STAAKEN": This machine was designed by Dr. Rohrbach and built in 1919. It was destroyed by order of the Inter-Allied Aeronautical Commission.
Adolf Rohrbach's very advanced E.4/20 which was built by Zeppelin-Werke at Staaken.
The Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland II had enclosed cockpits and a trio of BMW Va engines. This example, D-1692 Stolzenfels, the first of nine Rohrbach Roland IIs, all of which were delivered to Luft Hansa in 1929, later became D-ARAF.
Roland D-991 landing at Croydon
Roland D-999 Watzmann after being brought to Ro VIIIa standard with enclosed cockpit and metal propellers.
D-1710 Rheinstein, a Roland II, with main-wheel spats.
Early view of Rohrbach Ro VIII Roland D-991 with the window frames apparently painted on the metal skin.
Roland D-1124 was built tn 1927 and delivered to Luft Hansa in 1928.
An early picture of D-999, with centre engine radiator in line with the main undercarriage.
The prototype Roland II with high-mounted wing, fully-enclosed crew cabin and wooden propellers. The radiators are in the extended position.
Roland II D-1745 Siegburg still with wooden propeller on the centre engine. The much reduced dihedral is apparent.
The open cockpit of the Roland I.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting illustrates Rohrbach Roland D-1745 Siegburg of Luft Hansa.