Aeroplane Monthly 1984-11
A.Lumsden, T.Heffernan - Probe Probare (8)
THE "BRISTOL" BLENHEIM: two “Bristol ” Mercury engines. A mid-wing cantilever monoplane bomber-fighter of the latest type, with accommodation for a crew of three. It is constructed entirely of metal, and is fitted with hydraulically-controlled flaps and retractable undercarriage. It is a super high-speed bomber - the fastest of its class in service anywhere - and is now standard equipment in the R.A.F. Speed 280 m.p.h. at 15,000 feet; range 1,000 miles; load 4,600 lbs.; climb to 20,000 feet in 13 minutes. Designed and constructed by the Bristol Aeroplane Co. Ltd.
Blenheim K7037, the fourth production aircraft, crashed on take-off at RAF Wyton on May 10, 1938.
The prototype Blenheim, K7033, was first flown on June 25, 1936.
Blenheim I L1515 takes off from Bristol Filton in January 1939. This aircraft flew with 600 Squadron until it went missing over Holland on May 10, 1940.
Blenheim Is of 90 Squadron photographed in November 1938. L1284, nearest the camera, later passed to 236 Squadron and then to the Middle East. It was struck off RAF charge in June 1945.
Закончена сборка первого серийного "Бленхейма"
Although the Bristol Blenheim medium bomber is far from being a freak it is attracting as much attention as anything in the Show.
In November 1936 the first production Blenheim, K7034, was exhibited at the Paris Show in the Grand Salon. It was unmarked and the cockpit was sealed.
The Bristol Blenheim prototype, K7033, photographed late in 1936. The tailwheel has been retouched out. On production Blenheims the tailwheel was locked down.
The prototype Blenheim, K7033, was completed in 1936 and first flown on June 25, from Filton. In November 1940 it became 2373M.