Aeroplane Monthly 1984-11
R.Riding - Gloucestershire Gannet /British pre-war ultralights/ (44)
The Gloster G.14 Gannet, G-EBHU, was registered on August 15, 1925 to the Gloucestershire Aircraft Co. Ltd. It was designed by H. P. Folland and built for the 1925 Lympne Trials, from which it retired when its 750cc Carden two-stroke engine had cooling troubles.
This view of the nearly complete but uncovered Gannet shows the flat sided ply-covered fuselage. The engine and the undercarriage have yet to be added.
The Gannet in its original form, with Carden engine.
The Gloucestershire "Gannet": Front view. A good idea of the size of the machine may be formed by comparison with the man standing in front.
Looking here like a king-sized model the Gannet is seen with original Carden two-stroke engine. With a wingspan of only 18ft the Gannet was an essay in miniaturisation.
Gloucestershire Gannet