Aeroplane Monthly 1984-11
Among the many current restoration projects at Duxford is ex-Skyfame Mosquito B.35 TA719. The aircraft, damaged in a belly-landing in 1964, has now been stripped back to the timber in preparation for repair.
Battered-looking Fairey Firefly WD883 at Christie's Duxford auction on August 13, 1984 where, to everyone's surprise, its Rolls-Royce Griffon engine was run. The aircraft was sold in the USA after the auction.
The Science Museum's Constellation, N7777G.
Also at Duxford is Graham Warners Bristol Bolingbroke G-MKIV. The fuselage is now in the assembly hangar, with undercarriage system complete.
As a tribute to Flight photographer and propliner historian Stephen Piercey, whose death in a flying accident was reported in July's Aeroplane, Southend-based British Air Ferries have named Vickers Viscount G-APIM after him. Pictured right at the naming ceremony on August 25, 1984 are his parents Ray and Patsy, his girlfriend Alison Chambers and his brothers Timothy and Hector.
Desmond St Cyrien’s second Sopwith Pup restoration now identified as N5195 is now complete. After plans to keep the aircraft at Brooklands fell through, Doug Arnold generously offered to house it with his collection at Blackbushe, where it went in mid-September.
On display at the Farnborough show, and looking deceptively airworthy, was Shuttleworth’s D.H.88 Comet Racer. It is due back in the UK next summer, following a spell on show in Australia.