Aeroplane Monthly 1985-06
P.Lamboit - Eyes in the sky (1)
Preparing for a reconnaissance sortie. A mechanic hands a box of photographic plates to the observer of an Airco D.H.4 aircraft. Flying straight and level for a photographic run could present enemy fighters with an extremely easy target.
A B.E.2c, named Tasman, photographed in 1915.
An Austin-built R.E.8, A3196 of 16 Squadron, seen at Camblain L'Abbe in mid-1917.
Both oblique and vertical photographs were taken from this Armstrong Whitworth F.K.3, an aeroplane very similar to the B.E.2c, which was used in the reconnaissance, general-purpose and training roles.
Capt F. C. V. Laws in the front seat of an F.E.2b in 1916, en route from Farnborough to France on special duties.