Aeroplane Monthly 1985-06
Hawker Hurricane LF751 was moved from Bentley Priory to Rochester Airport on March 20, 1985. It is due to join Hurricane LF738 on a long-term restoration project by the Medway branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society. It is hoped to make one airworthy example from the two aircraft; the other will be restored to static display standard.
Awaiting its Permit-to-Fly renewal at Duxford on April 3, 1985 was Aces High’s Junkers Ju 52, G-BFHG “D2+600”. It has, according to IWM Assistant Keeper David Lee, been "in and out all winter" on film work.
A second Curtiss P-40 will be baring its teeth on the British airshow circuit this season. Restored in the USA and owned by warbird collector Stephen Grey, P-40M NL1009N arrived at Duxford by road on St Valentine’s Day, February 14. Grey took the aircraft for its first flight from British soil a fortnight later, in the late afternoon of February 27. The 15min flight was completed without incident. The P-40 is in natural metal finish, but is destined to be painted in 112 Sqn RAF desert camouflage - a scheme similar to that of Ray Hanna’s P-40, N94466, which arrived in the UK last June. If the two aircraft should appear at the same display, enthusiasts leaving the beer tent will probably take the pledge.
Reader Douglas Neve sent in this photograph, taken in December 1984, of Catalina N5593V abandoned at Ash Shaykh Humayd, the headland dividing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba on the coast of Saudi Arabia. Information about how it got there would be welcomed.
Meteor NF.11/TT.20 WD647 has recently been rejuvenated in Australia. The Meteor was due to return from Amberley to its previous resting place at Eagle Farm to be reassembled on March 30, 1985. It will remain there until the QAM can find a much-needed site for a permanent museum building; meanwhile it is hoped that the weather will not strike again. And we thought we had problems here in the UK, with a little bit of cold and damp ...
Mike Beach has recently acquired the Slingsby Gull 3 prototype, the fuselage of which is seen here being unloaded at Brooklands on March 23, 1985.