Aeroplane Monthly 1985-07
H.O'Neil - Who's for Hudsons? (1)
HAROLD G. MARTIN’S plate depicts Lockheed Model 214 Hudson Mk I P5142 en route for England on Thursday evening, November 16, 1939. To protect US "neutrality” the fuselage roundel has been hidden under brown paper!
A 206 Squadron Hudson I about to take off on a night sortie. Note the Hydromatic propellers and extended landing light.
Loading up a Hudson's bomb bay prior to a reconnaissance. A supply of antisubmarine bombs was always kept in the locker.
Hudson N7210 of 224 Squadron photographed at RAF Leuchars in mid-1939.
The Hudson’s sting in the tail is very evident in the heading photograph. The Boulton Paul turrets were fitted after the Hudsons arrived in England.
The cockpit of a 206 Squadron Hudson I. Note the row of bomb selector switches on the right of the lever marked "brake" and the navigator/bomb aimer's compartment in the nose.
A Hudson's navigator uses the hand bearing compass through the starboard window.