Aeroplane Monthly 1985-07
P.Anderson - Mitchell across the Pacific
P-40, B-25 and P-63 over San Francisco Bay.
Wreckage of a Dauntless dive-bomber at the Betikana Mission on the northern side of Henderson.
Arno Atoll, the crew’s first sighting of the Marshall Islands.
The crew before leaving Hawaii; left to right: Peter Anderson (the author), Bruce Andrews, “Rusty” Steele, Paul Weston, QANTAS ground hostess and Randy McFarlane.
The coast of Oahu on the flight to Majuro.
Tail of the B-25 shortly before arrival at Hawaii.
The Spirit of Australia after its first test flight at Stockton.
The B-25 on arrival at Majuro, surrounded by curious locals.
The rear fuselage looking aft.
The B-25’s cockpit with additional radio and navigational equipment in the central panel.
Bomb aimer's view of the USAF base on Johnson Island.
The message on the cockpit entry door.