Air International 2023-04
L.Mennes, J.Lorraine - Orange is the new yellow
The Netherland Coast Guard has operated both new fixed wing and helicopter assets since November 2022. ISR Europe B.V. operates two Dash-8 aircraft for maritime patrol from Schiphol airport
AgustaWestland AW189 on the tarmac at Den Helder airport. The helicopters are on a 20 minute alert status, tasked by the Netherlands Coast Guard Joint Rescue and Co-ordination Centre
A winch man is hoisted on deck with the assistance of the winch operator. The helicopter is equipped with a double hoisting system for emergency back-up
The Netherlands Coast Guard emergency towing vessel ‘Guardian’ operates at sea in challenging conditions of Beaufort wind force scale 5 and up
AW189 with registration PH-BSR (for Bristow) still wears the British red and white SAR colour scheme. This frame will soon be replaced by another example in a striking orange, white, blue Dutch scheme
AW189 in its element at the end of a working day