Air International 2023-04
B.Taghvaee - Training revolution
Cadets flying French Air and Space Force PC-21s, 09/709-FK and 16/709-FR, on a formation flight training mission
FASF PC-21s, 09/709-FK and 14/709-FP - cadets fly tens of formation training flights during their specialized fighter pilot training
Maj Gel Fredrick Parisot, Vice Chief of the Air and Space Force during the handover ceremony in front of 18, the FASF’s first PC-21 on December 5, 2022
The cockpit of a PC-21 shows the new instrument panel which has its multifunctional displays positioned in a similar way to the instrument panel of Rafale B/C
This is one of three FMS Simulators of the PC-21s at BA709 Cognac
Inside BA709 Cognac’s PC-21 flight simulator control station
This is one of three Pilatus PC-21 FMS Simulators at Cognac
A PC-21 FTT flight simulator at Cognac
E151/8-FD is one of the last Alpha Jet Es still in service with FASF. The rest are in the service of the 3/8 Cote d'Or Training Squadron for aggressor training at BA120 Cazaux
F-HEXI is one of the TB-30 Epsilons previously used for training by the French Air Force and now in service with Apache Aviation, a civilian pilot training company
F-GUKH is one of 18 Grob G-120A-Fs in use by the French Air and Space Force for basic pilot training