Air International 2023-05
G.Sands - Battlefield Born
Leonardo’s AW149 may be the ideal choice for the UK’s new medium helicopter requirement
The AW149 is the ideal solution for the UK’s New Medium Helicopter requirement
Leonardo has worked with Davis Engineering to design, develop, qualify and manufacture a new infrared suppression system to reduce this significant threat
The AW149 is currently fitted with a Leonardo Defensive Aids System (DAS), which includes a radar warning receiver, a missile warning sensor and a laser warning receiver, as well as chaff and flare countermeasures
Leonardo has an active AW149 supply chain and is therefore able to deliver ‘military off-the-shelf’ aircraft in under 24 months
A ground clearance of 51cm means the AW149 is comparable to that of the RAF’s Pumas
An Open Systems Architecture enables the rapid and low-cost integration of new equipment to meet changing military requirements
The AW149 was developed from the outset as medium lift multi-role helicopter intended for military service; it’s a point that Leonardo has been keen to make when promoting the type.
The AW149 is the ideal solution for the UK’s New Medium Helicopter requirement. Leonardo’s AW149 multi-role delivers latest-generation battlefield capability, and is rapidly reconfigurable for a wide range of demanding missions in the most severe operational environments.
“Having flown for the army and Fleet Air Arm I’m convinced that the AW149 meets all of the UK’s requirements as the next generation medium lift battlefield helicopter” Mark Burnand, chief test pilot for Leonardo Helicopters UK
Apart from the ‘glass’, the entire instrument panel, including all software, is now produced by Leonardo - allowing the OEM to offer upgrades to the flight control systems in a much-reduced timescale
Lee ‘Eggi’ Evans, senior test pilot, has been heavily involved in developing the flight envelope of the AW149