Air International 2023-05
C.Sutter - Freighters Reborn
Medius Elev allows the loading of pallets and containers on the main deck via installed lifts forward and aft, which can significantly reduce loading times
The installed lifts for the Medius Elev conversion can raise pallets and containers of up to 2.2 tonnes to the main cargo deck
Placing the cargo door further back from the cockpit on the Navis modification means the door installation takes place at a constant cross-section of the fuselage, simplifying the conversion process
The ability to load two pallets and container positions in the forward section of the door allows for better cargo loading and balance, improving turnaround times
Navis is the complete cargo conversion. Avensis developed a ‘plug-type door’ which is lighter and doesn’t require a triple locking mechanism
With all the seating removed, an A330-200 is shown part-way through the PTF conversion process
Portugal’s national airline, TAP, was the initial customer for the Medius conversion, which was installed on an A330-200