Aeroplane Monthly 1987-12
R.Beamont - Testing the American jets - the second generation
Красивый и элегантный F-102, однако, обладал рядом серьезных недостатков. Перехватчик так и не стал важным компонентом ПВО континентальной части США.
Production Convair F-102A 56-1041 on test from Palmdale, California in June 1958.
Before flying a single-seat F-102A the author was checked out in a TF-102A two-seat trainer. The trainer had a widened forward fuselage to accommodate the side-by-side seating, and this limited its level-flight speed to below Mach 1.
Two shots of F-102A 57-825 firing three Hughes Falcon air-to-air missiles.
F-102A 56-1120 shows off the underwing drop-tanks which made 2hr missions possible.
54-1351 was the first production TF-102A. The USAF purchased a total of 111 examples as combat trainers.