Aeroplane Monthly 1987-12
B.Overton - Confrontation with ... the Beverley (2)
View from a Beverley astrodome during run-in to a Borneo DZ.
Despite its ungainly appearance the Beverley was quite agile.
Beverley C.1 XM104 of 34 Squadron (RAF Seletar) taxying out for take-off at RAF Changi in 1964. Note crewmen looking out of the top of the aircraft and also the Bofors gunsight under the starboard wing, a feature in Singapore during the Indonesian confrontation.
Left-hand seat of the Beverley.
HRH The Duke of Edinburgh flying a Beverley from the right-hand seat in 1956.
Army despatchers hooking up the parachute strops before dropping.
"Load gone”. A one-ton container on its way to a DZ deep in the Borneo jungle.
The end. The demise of the FEAF's Beverley fleet at Seletar, victim of the blowtorch.