Aeroplane Monthly 1987-12
K.Robinson - Salute to the Sunderland (1)
Dramatic shot of 201 Squadron Sunderland GR.5 RN284, flying from Pembroke Dock in November 1955.
Evocative view of the prototype Short Sunderland, K4774, landing off Felixstowe in April 1939. The 'boat was delivered to the RAF in April 1938, following MAEE trials, and was struck off RAF charge in 1944.
K4774, the prototype Short Sunderland, on the slipway at Rochester. It was from the River Medway that this aircraft first took off on October 16, 1937, making two flights in the hands of John Lankester Parker and Harold Piper.
Sunderland I L2160 was one of the first batch of 11 'boats delivered to the RAF between April and August 1938. After serving with 230 Sqn, L2160 ended its days as a maintenance airframe.
Short Sunderland III W3999 of 10 Sqn, photographed at MAEE Helensburgh in April 1942. The faired main step improved the speed and range of the Mk III. The first Sunderland Mk III made its maiden flight on June 28, 1941.
Sunderland II W3986 of 10 Sqn, photographed in April 1942. Mk IIs were powered by four Pegasus XVIIIs fitted with two-speed superchargers and two-gun dorsal turrets replaced the pair of open K gun mountings of the Mk I.
Another view of the prototype Sunderland, taken at Shorts' Rochester works in November 1937. Note the open dorsal gun position.