Air Pictorial 1977-08
J.Rawlings - Flight Commander on a Harrier Squadron
No. 20 Squadron Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 XV810 "XX" (C.O.'s aircraft) about to take off from a strip at Borken during Exercise "Heath Fire", summer 1976
One of the squadron's Harriers is airborne after an STO from the "absurdly small strip"
Взлет "Харриера" GR.1 20-й эскадрильи королевских ВВС в лесном массиве близ г.Боркен, ФРГ.
Harrier GR.3 XV801 "Y" taking off from a dispersed site. Actually this is the view one gets when on the ground at the top left corner of the strip depicted above
No. 20 Squadron Harriers on the apron at Wildenrath The nearest aircraft has the LRMTS nose and PWR fin; furthest is in all-round camouflage
S/Ldr. Douglas Marr, with the author in the back seat, taxi-ing out in Harrier T2 XW272 "Z"