Air Pictorial 1977-08
J.Cook - Paris Report
Another newcomer from Russia, the Antonov An-32 freighter, CCCP-83966, is a development of the An-26 with almost twice the power. In the foreground is a Yak-50 aerobatic single-seater, a type which took 1st and 2nd places in the 1976 World Championships.
Boeing also brought along an example of their E-3A AWACS aircraft, 31675, which was on static exhibition for the first few days
McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle 76-008, flown by Patrick Henry, emphasised its high thrust/weight ratio by vertical accelerating climbs
General Dynamics YF-16 second prototype 01568, flown by Neil Anderson, made tight turns in both horizontal and vertical planes
Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir C-2, temporarily 4X-CFK, one of two examples on show, demonstrated impressive manoeuvrability
Full-scale model of the Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter which is being developed for the French A.F. The first prototype is scheduled to fly next year
BAC-assembled Panavia Tornado XZ630, superbly flown by Paul Millet, is the second pre-series aircraft and twelfth Tornado built
The Swedish contingent seen nestling under the nose of the Tu-144 (which was removed later) - SAAB 105G SE-XBZ, a Supporter (to the left), with the Viggen behind
Pilatus Turbo Porter F-GAMV with amphibious landing gear
Aerospatiale SA.330J Puma F-WTNN, with radar nose, demonstrates its ability as a fire-fighter, while participants below await their turn
The trijet Dassault Falcon 50 prototype, F-WAMD, now fitted with a super-critical wing, gave daily demonstration flights. Behind is a Breguet Atlantic
Another Polish agriculturalist, M-18 Dromader SP-PBZ.
The military Hughes 500M-D Defender, N8608F, with radar on its nose.
On static display was Dassault Super Mystere B.2 No .11 in the colours of the French A.F.‘s 12e Escadre with which it served
The Hawker Siddeley 748 Coastguarder prototype, G-BCDZ
Russia's new 120-passenger short-field, short-haul airliner, the Yakovlev Yak-42 making its debut in the West. CCCP-42303 (illus.) is the first production aircraft and follows three prototypes. It is powered by three 14,200-lb. s.t. Lotarev D-36 turbofans
Northrop YF-17 01570, acting as the Navy YF-18 Hornet prototype and flown by Hank Chouteau, started with a 60-deg. accelerating climb
Israel Aircraft Industries' IAI-202 Arava prototype, 4X-IAO, a modified version with Whitcomb winglets and Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-36 turboprops affording increased take-off weight, to 16.400 lb.
World's first production jet biplane, the Polish WSK-Mielec M-15 agricultural aircraft, SP-OCA, is powered by a 3.300-lb. s.t. Ivchenko AI-25 turbofan. It gave spraying demonstrations during the show
Vortices streaming from the wingtips of Dassault's Mirage F 1B two-seater whose repertoire was as comprehensive as the F 1C's
Czechoslovakia's Zlin 50L aerobatic single-seater, OK-HZD
Its rival in the U.S.A.F. 's AMST competition, the Boeing YC-14 second prototype 72-01874, provided a sizzling STOL demonstration, including a full 360-deg. climbing turn just after take-off
Bell's new twin-turbine Model 222, N222BX, fourth aircraft built, with revised tailplane configuration, making its European debut
Embraer EMB-121 Xingu PP-ZCT for racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi
Fournier RF.9 prototype F-WARF, first flew on 20th January 1977
Three variants of the Italian Partenavia P.68 were on show, including P.68R l-VICR with retractable tricycle landing gear
Making its first appearance outside the U.S.A. was the twin-turboprop Cessna 441 Conquest, N9175G, second production aircraft
Full-scale mock-up of the American Jet Industries Hustler 400 executive aircraft with "push-pull" turboprop-turbofan power
SOCATA's Rallye Agricole prototype, F-GARZ, flew 16th May 1977
The McDonnell Douglas YC-15 AMST first prototype, 72-1875, now fitted with a supercritical wing and acting as a test-bed for the General Electric/SNECMA CFM 56 turbofan engine (port outer) which develops 22,000 lb. thrust
Rutan VariEze D-EEEZ, a two-seat high-performance canard-layout home-built of U.S. design and largely plastics construction
Caproni Vizzola A-21J Calif l-JETT with flag marking exhaust outlets
Dyke JD-2 Delta, a U.S.-designed home-built, built by Avions Pierre Robin