Air Pictorial 1977-10
C.Pocock - "Reforger"
Boeing-Vertol CH-47C Chinooks fly over the "Reforger'' assembly area at Giebelstadt airfield, near Wurzburg, Germany. On the ground are Bell AH-1G HueyCobras and OH-58A Kiowas
UH-1H fitted with "toilet bowl"modification to the engine which directs exhaust flow upwards as an anti-infra-red missile device
UH-1H in the new black paint and with a black cover over its canopy to reduce glinting when on the ground
Mottled camouflage on this UH-1H attached to Divison HQ, shows the difference between standard Army drab brown and the new matt-black (infra-red non-reflective) paint which has been added
UH-1Hs from an Assault Battalion await the start of the exercise
M-56 aircraft mine dispensing system fitted to a UH-1H.
The ring fixture immediately behind the exhaust ol this UH-1H ejects engine oil into the outlet and produces a large amount of smoke which can be used to provide cover for an assault landing
An AH-1Q Cobra gunship with Hughes TOW outboard station of the starboard stub wing
An earlier AH-1G Cobra with "chin" gun turret and rocket launchers on the wings. Note 101st "Screaming Eagle" badge on nose