Air International 1974-03
A photograph, by courtesy of Rolls-Royce (1971) Ltd., showing the installation in Beaufighter R2061, with the engine cowling removed: the Gallay slab aerodynamic radiator can be seen in its inclined position, lower left.
An interesting photograph of Leutnant von Stapenhort's Fok.DR 1 144/17 which was brought down by anti-aircraft fire on 13 January 1918 after destroying a British balloon, and was subsequently shipped to the UK as G125 - note the substituted starboard aileron with incomplete cross patee. The type designation can be made out on the fuselage just ahead of the chequered band and reads Fok.DR - showing that upper case letters were used for Dreidecker, rather than the upper and lower case ’Dr’ as directed by official order of 19 August 1917.
A well-known photograph of Richthofen (on the right) with General von Lossberg (centre), showing how roman and arabic numerals were used to differentiate between aircraft type and serial number, as in Fok.FI 102/17.
The brass telescopic gunsight which Corporal O S Gomme, 44th Battalion, AIF, claimed he souvenired from von Richthofen's Fokker DR I 425/17 on 21 April 1918. The facsimile box of matches measuring 2 1/16 in by 1 7/16 in (5.24 by 3.65 cm) gives scale.