Air International 1979-04
This new photograph of the Shenyang F-9, alias Fantan-A - first illustrated in this column last month - reveals additional details of this Chinese derivative of the MiG-19. Noteworthy is the apparent absence of a nose radome, suggesting that the primary task of this version at least is strike, and it is now obvious that the nosewheel retracts forwards and not aft as thought previously. The ejection seat and weapons sight appear to be of early Soviet pattern.
Photograph showing Aeronavale V-156F. The photo shows the multi-coloured camouflage of an aircraft of AB 3 photographed at Cuers in July 1940.
Photographs showing Aeronavale V-156Fs. The illustrations show aircraft of AB 3 at Boulogne-Alprecht in the first few days of June 1940, having been largely destroyed in a hangar there on 10 May.