Air International 1981-08
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North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco 67-14641 serving with the 601st Tactical Control Wing, two squadrons of which (the 20th and 704th TASS) fly this type at Sembach, West Germany. The badge on the nose is that of No 315 Squadron of the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force), acquired during an exchange visit.
OV-10A Bronco 67-14699 in all-grey finish, with white wing tips, serving with the 20th TASS, one of the Sembach-based squadrons of the 601st Tactical Control Wing.
OV-10A BuNo 155413 of VMO-6, US Marine Corps. Known as the "Tomcats", this unit has detachments at various bases in the Pacific area.
OV-10A Bronco BuNo 155488 of VMO-4, US Marine Reserve, Atlanta, Ga; note overall olive drab finish, compared with olive and white used by VMO-6.
OV-10B target tug (drogue in under-fuselage pod, no wing sponsons) used by civil-manned Schiessplatzstaffel (firing-range squadron) at Lubeck, West Germany.
Side view of OV-10F Bronco No 101 of No 3 Squadron of the Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Udara (Indonesian Armed Forces - Air Force) in armed counter-insurgency role.
OV-10A BuNo 155480 serving at the Naval Air Test Center, Patuxent River. Md, with high-visibility markings
OV-10E Bronco of the Fuerzas Aereas Venezolanas, as used by three Escuadrilla of the Escuadron de Bombardeo 40.