Air International 1981-08
The SNCASE SE 535 Mistral c/n 130 in the markings of Escadre de Chasse 1/8 Maghreb, with which it served at Rabat, Morocco, from May 1955 to June 1958.
Mistral c/n 115 with EC.1/6 Oranie, serving at Oran, Algeria, in 1953.
The US Army having adopted the Hughes Aircraft Co Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) in favour of the Martin-Marietta sight for its AHIP (Army Helicopter Improvement Program), Hughes Helicopter has standardised on this sight for its next generation Model 500MD/TOW helicopter for export.
McDonnell Douglas and Fokker confirmed their interest in the 150-seat market but gave few new details of the MDF-100 at the Paris Air Show
British Aerospace 146: Westair Holding has signed contracts for six Sr 200s with an option on eight more.
An electronic warfare version of the IAI Arava is reputed to be in service with the Heyl Ha'Avir (Israeli Air Force), and a model of one representative EW configuration was shown at Paris.
Beechcraft King Air B100
Beechcraft King Air E90
Beechcraft King Air F90
Beechcraft Baron 58P
MBB began flight testing on 21 May a BO 105 helicopter fitted with a stabilised mast-mounted visual aid, originally developed under contract from the German Ministry of Research and Technology with a view to application on the projected Franco-German PAH-2 and now proposed for military scout and even civil rescue operations by night.
Beechcraft Super King Air 200
Beechcraft Duke B60
Boeing is mounting a three-fold attack on the market for a short medium range 150-seat transport, although at the present time it is firmly committed to only one of the possible programmes, that for the Boeing 737-300.