Air International 1984-08
T.Cleaver - "Tweety Bird"
The standard take-off formation for a pair of T-37Bs has their wing tips only three feet (1 m) apart. The base below, inhabited by SAC B-52s. is Mather, Sacramento
The "Tweety Birds" play tag over the forests of the Sierra.
Seen here on the flight line, the Cessna T-37B has been the USAF's standard basic trainer since 1958. It is to be replaced before the end of the decade by the Fairchild T-46A, the so-called New Generation Trainer.
Gear down, the T-37B begins its approach to Mather AFB. The landing gear can be extended at any speed and is regularly used as a speed brake.
The author's T-37B flies close formation for a barrel roll at 18.000ft (5486 m).
The author's T-37B comes up close in the six o 'clock position on the lead Cessna.