Air International 1984-08
Two weeks ahead of schedule, the Westland Lynx 3 made its first flight at Yeovil on 14 June, 1984, in the hands of project pilot Derek Marpole.
The Supermarine S4 that was lost in the USA in 1925.
The Canadair Challenger has now joined the fleet of the Royal Malaysian Air Force. It is shown here before delivery, with Canadian registration C-GBYY.
Wren Aircraft Inc of Buckeye, Arizona, has adopted the name Bushmaster for a light attack and reconnaissance version of the Wren 460P, which is itself a STOL lightplane based on the Cessna 182 airframe.
Robert Ruffle writes to point out that the Letov S 20L was operated by the Lithuanian Air Force, not Latvian as indicated in the entry in "Fighter A to Z" in the June issue. These photographs of Lithuanian S 20Ls suggest that each aircraft in the squadron may have had an individual decoration, based on a dragon theme.