Aeroplane Monthly 1986-02
R.Williams - Sea Fury (3)
The Royal Navy Historic Aircraft Flight s Hawker Sea Fury T Mk 20S, WG655, is the subject of RICHARD WINSLADE'S photograph, taken in September 1985
"Си Фьюри" FB.11 (TF 956) эскадрильи исторических самолетов Королевского флота в Еовилтоне в окраске 807-й эскадрильи с авианосца "Тезей" периода войны с Кореей.
The Royal Navy Historic Aircraft Flight's Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk 11 TF956
Two RAAF naval airmen arming a RAAF Sea Fury aboard the aircraft carrier Sydney in Korean waters.
Spare 802 Sqn Furies being loaded aboard HMS Ocean in August 1952.
HMS Ocean off Korea in the Yellow Sea on July 25, 1952. Aboard can be seen 802 Sqn Sea Furies and 825 Sqn Fireflies.
HMS Glory’s Sea Furies in action off the coast of Korea in June 1951.
A Sea Fury makes a rocket-assisted take-off from the flight deck of HMS Glory in Korean waters. In 14 months more than 1,000 sorties were flown from this carrier.
На снимке времен войны в Корее виден Sea Fury авиации британского флота, с подвешенными бомбами и ПТБ, который заходит в атаку на выявленную цель противника. Британские Sea Fury и Firefly привлекались преимущественно для ударов по транспортным узлам или дорогам, как на фотографии.
A Sea Fury demonstrates its destructive power. Normal armament was four fixed 20mm wing guns with provision for twelve 60 lb bombs, rocket projectiles or two 1,000 bombs below the wings.
802 Squadron Sea Fury FB.11 WJ233 goes adrift aboard HMS Ocean off Korea in 1952. The squadron equipped with Sea Fury F.Xs in March 1948 and Sea Furies remained with the unit until replaced by Sea Hawks in February 1954.