Aeroplane Monthly 1986-03
G.Mitchell - R.J.Mitchell My Father (1)
Two photographs from the Mitchell family photograph album. Above, R. J. Mitchell poses for his son in front of the prototype Spitfire at Eastleigh in March 1936, shortly after K5054’s first flight. Below, now it is the turn of the author to stand in front of K5054, while his father clicks the shutter.
Первый опытный "Спитфайр" в исходном виде в AAEE (Мартлшем-Хис) в апреле 1936г. Обратите внимание на руль поворота с роговым компенсатором
K5054 on an early test flight in March skies 1936 near Eastleigh. Note the unfaired exhaust ports. The aircraft was finished in an overall blue/grey scheme.
The world's most photographed airworthy Spitfire, Nalfire Aviation's Spitfire LF.IXB MH434 It is pictured flying in the Duxford area in May last year in the hands of Mark Hanna.
Nalfire Aviation’s Spitfire IX MH434/G-ASJV was photographed in the summer of 1985