Aviation Historian 5
??? - Gone Fishin'!
Igor Bensen enjoys a spot of fishing from Bensen B-8 MW Hydro-Copter N63U at Cypress Gardens in South Carolina. Bensen himself test-flew every type the company built, and in 1967 set new world records for speed (51.26 m.p.h. - 82 km/h), distance (82-8 miles - 133 km) in a straight line and altitude (7,275 ft - 2,217 m) with a B-8M.
For those who like to keep their feet dry - the Bensen Gyro-Boat was a development of the B-8 in which the free-turning rotor system, known as the Roto-Sail, was mounted in a standard dinghy. The result was - literally - a flying boat, and was towed into the air by a motor-boat. The prototype made its first flight in April 1956.