Aeroplane Monthly 1987-09
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
D.338 F-AQBL Ville d’Orleans at Le Bourget. This example has auxiliary fins mounted on the tailplane. Beyond is the Bloch 220 F-AQNM Provence.
The second D.333, F-ANQB Cassiopee.
D.338 F-AQBF, which operated the inaugural Hong Kong service. The undercarriage has the standard wheel fairing.
The sole example of the Dewoitine D.342.
The Dewoitine D.332 L’Emeraude at Croydon on September 26, 1933.
F-AOZA Clemence-Isaure, the prototype D.338.
F-ARIB Ville de Bangkok was one of the 1939 batch of D.338s. It is seen at Marignane, Marseilles, and survived until 1946.
The D.333 F-ANQA Antares at Le Bourget. In the background is an Air France Wibault 283.
F-ANQA Antares, the D.333 prototype, at Le Bourget. In the background is the Boulton & Paul P. 71A Boadicea.
The main cabin of an Air France D.338 configured for European services.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S colour painting shows the No 10 Dewoitine D.338 F-AQBJ Ville de Calcutta, which was used on Air France’s Far East services.