Air Enthusiast 1996-05
P.Butowski - Drops in the Ocean. A Miscellany of Soviet Postwar Jets
The second production La-250A in flight with AAM mock-ups
Close up of the auxiliary fuel tank suspended beneath the fuselage of La-250A ‘04’.
The fourth and last ‘Anaconda’ during the tests with ‘275’ missiles.
La-250A ‘04’ on display at Monino.
The first Anaconda was damaged during the first take-off attempt. Note the different nose and longer air intakes when compared with the later prototypes.
Il-102, next in line of jet Shturmoviks and clearly following on from the Il-40 format.
Ilyushin Il-40P. It was the first Soviet jet aircraft to have a camouflage scheme, not natural aluminium.
Model of Il-40P with the movable four-cannon pack is clearly visible.
Rearward view of the Su-17
Носовая часть фюзеляжа Су-17
Close up of the Su-27 nose. The arrows indicates the split line for the detachable nose.