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B.Eisel - Surprise Squadron /World war two/
Later in the war, Portugal allowed US and British forces to use bases in the Azores Islands. P-39s line a runway while on the way to North Africa.
In June 1943, 18 Bell P-39D-1 Airacobras that had landed in Portugal in error at the end of 1942, were used to equip a new fighter squadron of the Portuguese Arma da Aeronautica at Ola. They remained in service until 1946.
The 'brass' walks down the flightline, inspecting the squadron, 1943.
Official inspection of Esquadrilha Airacobra, Portuguese Air Base Aereo de Ota, 1943. Lt Seixas in front, behind him are Lts Rodrigues and Oliveria, flight commanders. NCO pilot's are in the third rank.
Now a Major, Rogerio Seixas, on the right, poses with USAAF and US aviation executives in front of a Curtiss P-40 during his 1943 training trip to the USA.
All but derelict, a Portuguese 'Cobra sits out a large military exercise near Lisbon in the spring of 1945.