Air Enthusiast 2006-07
S.Aloni - Best Form of Defence? Attack! /Post-war combat/ (2)
Ил-28 ВВС Египта на стоянках аэродрома Каир-Вест
Five Il-28s still intact on one of Abu Sueir’s four triple 'eight' complexes that had room for a total of at least 24 bombers.
An IDF/AF Mirage gunsight camera frame, aiming on to an Il-28 at Abu Sueir's 'eights'.
Damaged in the tail section but otherwise relatively complete, an Egyptian MiG-21FL as captured in an IDF/AF MOKED BDA recce mission. The adjacent support vehicle, possibly a tanker, has been completely burnt out.
Squadron 119 Junior Deputy Commander Eitan Karmi flew Mirage 03 to the offensive CAP over Abu Sueir. Karmi was initially credited with a single 'kill'.
IDF Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin examines Mirage 99's HR-231 Tashbetz (Crossword-puzzle) camera on a visit to Tel Nofin March 1967. Tashbetz was a medium to high-altitude panoramic camera installation, though during the moked first wave BDA mission Mirage 99 was equipped with the Fairchild KA-52 Moshel (Governor) low-altitude panoramic camera.
Flown by Squadron 110's Deputy A Shlomo Keren with navigator Shabtai Ben-Shoa, Vautour IIN 66 was in the lead of the only Vautour formation to attack Abu Sueir on Moked's first wave.
Ron Holdai, the mayor of Tel Aviv since 1998, flew Super Mystere 35 as wingman to Squadron 105's Deputy A Giora Oren on Mission 105/7 to Abu Sueir. At the time, Holdai was a Squadron 101 Mirage Second Term pilot so just prior to the war he was returned to fly the SMB2 to which he converted during the 1966 Term 2 from August to November 1966.