ATE Super Hind
ATE - Super Hind - 1999 - ЮАР
Страна: ЮАР
Год: 1999

Кроме российских компаний, различные программы модернизации предлагают и зарубежные компании - израильская "Tamam" (IAI Tamam Mission 24), французские "SAGEM" и "Sextant Optronique", британская "BAE Systems" и южно-африканская "Advanced Technologies and Engineering" (на фото). Последняя предлагает несколько вариантов модернизации под названием ATE SuperHind. В основном они затрагивают модернизацию авионики и специализированного оборудования, но также предусматривается и установка зарубежных образцов вооружения. В частности, ATE SuperHind может нести ПТУР Ingwe, а вариант Mk III имеет полностью переделанную носовую часть фюзеляжа. Первым заказчиком такой машины стал Алжир.
Advanced Technologies and Engineering of South Africa undertook the most successful Hind upgrade programme outside Russia so far. An export order covering as many as 40 Mi-24s was signed in 1999, and the first upgraded helicopters dubbed Super Hinds were supplied to Algeria in the same year.
Making its first public display was ATE's Mi-24 upgrade demonstrator Superhind Mk III, ZU-BOI. At the show ATE also unveiled details of the significantly-modified Mk V under development.
Advanced Technologies and Engineering (ATE) exhibited its Mi-24 Super Hind Mk V at the Africa Aerospace and Defence show held in late September 2008. The latest version has composite main blades to improve performance and reduce maintenance costs and PALL sand filters to reduce engine wear, potentially doubling the life of the powerplant. A Carl Zeiss Optronics sighting system has been installed, while the original nose-mounted weapon has been replaced by a Denel Land Systems 20-mm cannon. Denel Dynamics Ingwe anti-tank missiles can be carried, while Thales chaff and flares have been fitted to improve self-defence capabilities. The South African company has already sold Hind upgrades to Algeria and Poland, and is one of the few companies that have secured approval for such modifications from the Russian manufacturers and design authorities.
Демонстрация вертолета Ми-24G ВВС Азербайджана
The Super Hind's Argos 550 gyro-stabilised multi-sensor payload with auto-tracker, TV-camera, FLIR and the F2 20mm cannon.
Super Hind Mk.III
Super Hind Mk.5
Модернизированный Ми-24 "Sova-Attack"
Президент Азербайджана Э. Алиев (четвертый слева) осматривает модернизированный вертолет Ми-24G
Super Hind Mk.III