Миль ПСВ
Миль - ПСВ - 2015 - Россия
Страна: Россия
Год: 2015
Единственный экземпляр
The LL PSV is a highly modified Mi-24K helicopter with an all-new nose section, new main-rotor blades and more powerful engines with a full digital authority control system.
The LL PSV technology demonstrator achieved a maximum speed of 218kts (403km/h) thanks to a combination of new-generation rotor blades, powerful engines and sleek low-drag fuselage.
The LL PSV maiden flight on December 29, 2015 was used to test the stability and controllability, wearing the old-style exhaust ducts. Vibration and noise levels in high-speed flight will also be evaluated.
Летающая лаборатория по созданию перспективного скоростного вертолета (ПСВ) на базе Ми-24 достигла скорости порядка 400 километров в час, сообщил журналистам глава холдинга «Вертолеты России» Андрей Богинский
The LL PSV flying testbed sports all-new main-rotor blades with tip shapes optimised for high-speed flight. The new blade design is also intended to be retrofitted on the Mi-28NM attack helicopter to achieve higher speed.
Вертолет-демонстратор ПСВ
A new nose section was added to the LL PSV design to reduce drag as much as possible. At the MAKS air show in August 2015, the LL PSV was demonstrated with a non-transparent temporary canopy and fitted with stub-wings. The wings were removed during the flight-test programme.
The PSV/RACHEL was set to be powered by a new-generation derivative of the VK-2500-01 turboshaft seen here, which powers the LL PSV. Designated as the VK-2500M, it is set to boast an OEI rating of some 3,000shp (2,237kW) compared to 2,700shp (2,013kW) for its predecessor.
A scale model of the V-37/PSV/RACHEL was first revealed by Russian Helicopters during 2012. The design is intended to boast a maximum speed some 1.5 times higher than that of today’s medium-class rotorcraft in commercial operation.