DFS / Jacobs Sperber Senior / Sperber Junior
Страна: Германия
Год: 1935

Ханна Райч возле планера "Юниор", на котором летала в Альпах
Maj. Alan Goodfellow, Sir Francis McClean, and Mr. J. R. Ashwell-Cooke - all pioneer sponsors of gliding in this country - with Dr. Dewsbury in the Rhonsperber.
Kit Nicholson’s Rhonsperber, still seen at Dunstable today but without the attendant plus-fours.
Mr. Nicholson took advantage of the wind to show some of the capabilities of his Rhonsperber glider.
The Bucker Jungmann two-seater trainer, and above it the Rhonsperber sailplane.