Цыбин П.В. РСР (Р-020)
Цыбин П.В. - РСР (Р-020) - 1960 - Россия
Страна: Россия
Год: 1960

Tsybin RSR R-020
A line-up of flightless supersonic strategic bombers, sandwiched between the M-50 and the Tu-160.
Tsybin RS in its first layout with canards and the tail comprising the winged bomb.
РС (аванпроект-тех. предложение)
РС (проект)
РСР (проект)
The Tsybin R-020 was to have been powered by two R-11F-300 engines, as then (1960) about to be used in the MiG-21. It was cancelled when nearing completion.
РСР (P-020)
РСР (версия ЦАГИ)